MESO Constitutional Remedies harness the elements of motion and physical strength to accommodate the demands of their competitive nature. Synergistic essence coupled with minerals and trace elements nourish circulatory, digestive and muscular systems while heartening and fortifying the emotional body.


•Competitive by nature, the Meso is achievement oriented. With square athletic shoulders and relatively defined muscles, they enjoy the competitive aspect of sports…and life.  Winning is important. They do not hesitate to express their opinions and can seem overbearing and aggressive to others.

•The Meso tends to rise early. Regarding food and exercise, they practice a fairly regimented routine.

•Physically, the Meso (even those who don’t exercise a great deal) is characterized by muscle, a strong upper body, narrow hips and clearly defined lines.

•Socially, the Meso’s optimism and enthusiasm can be infectious.

•In Balance, the Meso is a strong leader who knows how to get things done.

•Out of Balance, the Meso is often rigid and close minded.

•When aggravated by stress, the Meso is often subject to digestive and circulatory issues.

•Meso energy emanates from the third chakra (will power and warrior energy)


Our MESO family of products provide vital elemental support and replenishment. Determined and dynamic in nature, the MESO constitution requires elements which support the blood organs including heart and stomach.

Brown Algae (Laminaria) serves as a key component of MESO constitutional offerings. Containing all of the mineral and trace elements on the periodic chart, MESO products feature four key minerals that support blood, heart, stomach and spleen. Potent and alkalizing in nature, Laminaria is rich in vitamins, c, p, and e, amino acids and essential fatty acids. A complete nutritional compound, Laminaria possesses natural wound healing properties. Anti-inflammatory and a significant emollient, Laminaria is hydrating, nourishing and calming for the skin and promotes skin integrity, elasticity, improved color, tone, moisture and vitality.

Our MESO essential oil blend is formulated to fortify and support MESO’S inherent nature. The life force of plants infused with the MESO personality provides energetic, balanced vitality. Antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-viral in nature, our synergistic essential oil formulations provide immune support while promoting clarity and thoughtfulness of action. Detoxifying, hydrating and oxygenating, MESO formulations are absorbed by the dermis and serve as catalysts to the marine ions thus accelerating the delivery of vital nutrients.

Other ingredients include detoxifying and remineralizing Brittany Sea Salts.