ENDO Constitutional Remedies focus on the bio-chemical elements associated with metabolism, energy and inspiration. Rich in minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids, formulas support and fortify Endo’s visceral body and creative spirit.


•Socially inclined, the Endo takes pleasure in the company of others. A natural ‘nurturer’ the Endo identifies with their surroundings – home, personal belongings and circle of social contacts. They prefer being around others and, as a rule, do not thrive in solitary situations.

•The Endo enjoys regular sleep patterns. They savor good food. They do not have a strong affinity for competitive activities preferring instead a leisurely walk or a day at the beach.

•Physically, the Endo is characterized by curves with shoulders gently rounding into soft flesh. Before bone or muscle, one notices the flesh.

•Socially, the Endo is actively engaged and has a talent for making others feel comfortable.

• In Balance, the Endo is easy going and naturally creative.

•Out of balance, the Endo internalizes negative emotions and has a tendency to be passive.

•When aggravated by stress the Endo is prone to abdominal discomfort, digestive issues and lower back pain.

•Endo energy emanates from the second chakra (sexuality and creativity)


Our ENDO family of products is designed to fortify and strengthen ENDO’s artistic, nurturing temperament. A natural creator, the ENDO requires the nutrients from the depths of earth and ocean. As grounded as they are creative, they sink deep into their belonging and reach high for their dreams.

An effective anti-inflammatory and cell mediator, red algae promotes the rebuilding of tissue. Containing natural antibiotic and wound healing properties, its ionic, mineral rich elements enhance metabolic activity and facilitate improved skin tone, elasticity and hydration while promoting transdermal penetration.

Often referred to as ‘the life force of plants’ essential oils used in our ENDO formulations stimulate cellular oxygenation and a gentle detoxification. As natural antiseptics they support the immune system, promoting cellular cleansing and serving as catalysts for marine minerals and trace elements. Emotionally they support our cerebral cortex, hypothalamus and emotional centers of the brain providing a subtle, uplifting sensory experience while facilitating tranquil dreams and inspiring thoughts. Its oxygenating and hydrating properties infuse the skin with a moist, fresh radiant glow.

Himalayan Salts and Red Clay both provide iron oxides which facilitate the removal of impurities from the dermis while replenishing vital oxygenating minerals to the circulating fluids.

Our natural beauty is an expression of the health and integrity of our our underlying tissues and cannot be addressed simply through topical applications. Earth Matters Apothecary remedies penetrate beyond the dermis into the core – working from inside out. And outside in.

(NB) Essential oils are most effective in synergistic blends via the skin.