ECTO Constitutional Remedies are synergistically formulated to address Ecto’s active mind while restoring vital nutrients depleted by excessive thought. Selected minerals, trace elements and aromatic essences address the skin and nervous system while promoting balance, clarity and vitality of spirit.


•Introspective and drawn to enquiry,  the Ecto often appears to be deep in thought. One of Ecto’s favorite pastimes is reading. They choose friends selectively and are a reliable source of thoughtful council.

•Instead of sitting down for a meal, the ECTO often grazes. It’s not uncommon for the Ecto to have erratic sleep patterns. They enjoy nature and practice mindful activities like yoga.

•Physically, one of the most notable characteristics of the Ecto is length – length of bones, nail beds, forehead. Their body shape is oblong.

•Socially, the Ecto has a tendency to observe rather than be actively engaged. In a group, they are reticent to speak and are often perceived as shy or distant.

•In Balance, the Ecto enjoys writing and other forms of creative expression.  As a rule, tend to have strong communication skills and often make good teachers.

•Out of Balance, the Ecto has a tendency to isolate. They can be critical and self absorbed.

•When aggravated by stress, the Ecto is susceptible to joint pain, headaches and fatigue.

•Ecto energy emanates from the 5th and 6th chakra. (truth and perception).


Our ECTO family of products provide a potent blend of nutritional and emotional support for the cerebral ECTO whose active mind requires ample amounts of magnesium and phosphorous.

White and brown algae serve as the core ingredients, delivering an abundance of fortifying, essential minerals. High in calcium, magnesium and silica, these elements address the brain and nerve tissues. Essential fatty acids are present in the brown algae and promotes healthy conduction of the nerve pathways. Vitamins, digestive enzymes and amino acids assist in healthy cell construction and are key to the ECTO’s essential nature.

Our ECTO essential oil blend is both calming and balancing, promoting regenerative, mental relaxation. Influencing the cerebral cortex, endocrine system and hypothalamus, essential oils harness and balance energetic patterns of thought. Essential oils are anti-infectious, anti-viral, detoxifying and specific to brain and skin support. Oxygenating and hydrating, they nourish the tissues and act as catalysts to the marine elements.

Other ingredients: Dead Sea salts and mustard seed are particularly effective in bringing impurities to the surface for elimination.